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Tipsy or shape

Tipsy or shape
Which is better, tips or form? What is the difference between tips and forms? What your nails stronger? These and other questions are often asked by clients. Then the master of doubt: what to advise? as will be better? Therefore, the master should know in what cases is to increase the nails on tips and public – on the forms.
The right mix
Work on tips – this is knowledge of masters 15 years ago, the forms – a relatively new trend in capacity, extend the nails on tips, and forms – model. The main task of the masters in the building – not emphasize flaws natural nails as well as to hide them. So keep in mind that tips are an extension of the natural nail (no matter how he grew up – right, up or down), and working on the forms, the master can visually adjust the direction of its growth. Most artists mistakenly believe that the tips give additional strength to the artificial nails. However, tips, and forms – only for the material support and wearability is the right combination of all the requirements for the modeling of the artificial nail. In addition, full compliance with them as possible approaches to the natural nail is modeled. The result of the work on tips visually different from the work on the forms. Take for example the classic shape – square. It is a universal form, all other modeled exactly on the square.

Tipsy or shape

 Differences simulation result is clearly visible in the figure. Nail, accrued to the type-sah expands in the stress zone – as it is most exposed fractures, it further strengthens the material. At the same forms of this thickening can be clamped, so the appearance modeled nail more attractive and close to the natural one. On the way to build (tips or forms) is influenced by:

a) the material (acrylic or gel);
b) view of the natural nail;
c) the wishes of the client;
d) knowledge of the master.
The first two factors are key to select. The latter two – you can change, that is, improve the skills of the master or the right razyas thread client the reason for your choice. Aligned correctly of these factors determines the final result and justify Vaeth customer expectations.
Features nail forms
In the following master class for use ac reel, forms the natural nail – oval, almond-shaped, trapezoid tsievidnye and bitten. For each form of natural numbers is a view from above and to the side of nails.

a) express the side bolsters;
b) The nail plate grows up;
c) a fingernail, very Korotkov length. The square on the shape of a square on tips
Oval or almond shape (pronounced C bend)

Tipsy or shape

Tipsy or shape


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French manicure

Artificial nails and definitely beneficial to pay off procedure, which gives us many advantages. Any woman at least once in his life faced with the question: “What kind of nail design I choose today?”. And statistics show that 80% of women say, “Of course french manicure”. Why is it so popular is the kind of nail design? Let’s delve into the history of the French manicure, which will help us figure it out.


The case was even 37 years ago, when a director of Holywood faced with the problem of impracticality colored nail polish while filming models. Each time a new dress had to change the color of the nails. And he appealed to Jack Pinku (founder kopmanii Orly) to invent the kind of design that would nail combined with any clothes. Pink is thought that the best solution would be to appear more natural, so he took the basis of white and solid color, flesh hide flaws nail bed and white ensuring high free edge. Since then, the French manicure is popular and what’s more classic.

Now let’s discuss the intricacies and details of the nail cues in the design of the “French manicure”.

The first and the key to success in preparing for the nail – is well executed hardware manicure, it will help to avoid delamination of semi permanent polish. Next you need to sand the natural nails nail file 180/220 grit to the matt effect, and completely remove the free edge of the natural nail (it will easily set the correct pattern (shape)). Degrease the surface polish, carefully removing dust and causes primer. Set the template (form) to the junction with the natural nail.
Now go directly to the modeling of the French manicure. Artificial nails in the design of “French manicure” takes place in two stages. The first stage – the modeling of the nail bed with a camouflage gel. To nail bed appeared proportional to the free edge, in most cases it should extend. The thickness of the middle end of the extension should be 2 mm and a smooth transition to nothing on the sides. With the cutter for a French manicure

white french manicure

Scrollsaw semetrichnuyu smile.

The second phase of building – is the modeling of the white free edge. To do this, set the form again. The shape of the first layer put a substrate of transparent gel to lengthen the neck, after drying in the lamp carefully remove the form and then hold the arch with tweezers reverse action. Next you need to lay out a white gel in two layers, one by one, each prosushivaya and pinching the arch.

The final step in the growth of nails “french manicure” – is sawdust on the regular circuit with clear exhaust strokes.
So, do the movements you need in order:

Align the length of graft of nails.
Form a smooth transition to the natural nail at the cuticle, nail files motion in one direction. Align the height and location of the apex.
Rasp side parallel.
Smooths the edges that were left after the sawdust side parallels.
We pay great attention to vypilivaya longitudinal arch, it must be perfectly smooth, without pits and dimples. Sawing should clearly fit and up to the apex of the Convex, the movement back and forth.
white-french-manicureConvex concave to reduce the thickness of semi permanent nail did not exceed 1 mm.
The last movement is a zigzag, it helps to get rid of small irregularities.
Cover nails with gel to give the final crystal glitter French manicure.
French manicure on years, classic which does not leave indifferent any woman. Try to try it for yourself and you will not want to part with this gorgeous view of nail design!

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French manicure at home. French manicure on short nails.

French design "a hundred stones"

French design

You – a fan of diversity. Diversity – absolutely everything. Today, the “victim” of your experiment will be – nails. You are going to your friend’s birthday. You want to impress all guests. That’s why you have decided to “draw” on their nails lovely French manicure.

French manicure at home. Many experts say that the French manicure can only be done in beauty salons, and at home it can be done. They believe that the house can not “reach” of such a flat and thin white stripes. About what kind of rim is it? White rim – this is characteristic of the French manicure, in the form of “smiley” or the full moon, which is located on the edge of the nail. Now, in principle, the strip can be not only white: it is made of red, blue, purple, silver …. In general, the stripes make this, which “is the soul.”

In order to facilitate the procedure of “home” nail in the stores you can buy templates, stickers, paints, intended for this unusual and “uneasy” manicure.

Permanent French – a French manicure, which is used for the application of acrylic material. For a start, on the form, “superimposed” jacket, and then fill in the nail bed mass (transparent). This weight will be a little to cover the “white” part.
Can be done “tipsovy” French manikyurchik. Tips to stick to the edge (free) nail plate. This method of “invention” jacket – “discovery” for those who are too lazy or just do not have time “messing around” with long nails.

So, if you decide to do this type of manicure without leaving home – go for it.

How to do a French manicure at home? French manicure technique.

Now tell you how to do it.

French manicure on short nails. In general, French (French manicure) do on short nails. Regrown nail length should not be more than six millimeters. What form will be at the nail – is determined purely individual.

Stages of the “birth” tunic (not trimming) for your wonderful nails:

Round the nails, sawed them first (very short). Use granite nail files, as metal nails promote exfoliation.
Time baths for hands: you, as it should, to soften cuticles.
Now move the cuticle, with sticks (boxwood).
Put on nail polish – base (clear coat).
Now, under the nails, neatly draw a pencil (white). Highlight thus edge of the nail, which otros. White pencil, by the way, can be replaced with white paint.
Left cover nail polish pale – little pink or flesh-colored. You may as well apply varnish, which speeds drying: it gives your hands more manicured and beautiful.
What does “no cut” manicure? This is such a manicure in which the cuticle is not completely cut off, and simply pushed to the side (see the third fad).

If your jacket – “debut”, then do not worry if, from the first to put it as follows, does not have. Practice, try again and again. The reason that does not “exactly succeed” nail the matter is not in you, the technique, the technique applying manicure – and not as easy as it might seem.

French blends perfectly with the wedding dress the bride. Take it to your note, if you are not married.

Now a little posekretnichaem that “hides” a French manicure:

To nail polish stayed a long time, apply it to a very warm hands.
Lacquer coating (monochromatic) properly applied three strokes. Two strokes are applied strictly on the edges of the nail and one – in the middle.
If you want to layer with a little “thick” paint and you really help special utonchitel. It is much safer than any nail polish remover.
It is not necessary to “save” the old varnish, because it could not be done in full. Furthermore, the “delay” paint loses many of its “important” parts.
Are you in a hurry? Try to dry the nail dryer.
Every day, get rid of the dirt that accumulates under the fingernails. For these purposes, take a bone (or wooden) wand, with a thin layer of cotton on the end.
Do you want to make nail shine? Buy gel or oil. Apply any of these means, on each nail, polish them before the procedure. Try to make your nails shine at least once in ten days.
Do not compromise on Lucky! You can not imagine what could happen to your nails if you are at fault of their negligence and recklessness, to decorate the “bad” paint your good nogtiki. Nails may turn yellow, exfoliate, “dim.” And then take a long time for their full reanimation.
Nails will not look at your nails, if they are different lengths is desirable (and necessary) to each nail rovnenko and was no different from the others, even the length of a millimeter.
If you have accrued nails, you do not want to part with them, but there is a strong desire to “please” their jacket – raduyte. Naturally, you need to be careful: the nail accrued at the slightest wrong “procedural” motion and action, can unexpectedly break. Then manicure will have to wait. Certainly, you will run to the master to make a correction of nails (nails it, not just the nogtika that broke).
It is advisable to wash your nails with soap and cold water. And if you, for example, washing dishes and use all kinds of detergent, it is best to wear rubber perchatochki: nails so it will be more comfortable and safer.
It would be ideal if you enroll in the course of manicure. In this case, it would have been much easier. In – the first, to see from the outside, as do the other manicure – a “positive impact” on experience. In – the second course – “steps” to the discovery of a lot of what you do not know or do not have time to learn. Oh, and third, you will feel more confident and understand all your “manicure mistakes” and “failures.”

You can learn this skill from a friend or a friend. Nowadays, a lot of people into “Manicure case.” It is – it is fashionable, stylish, profitable, beautiful and profitable.

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diet with prunes

diet with prunes

Prune long enjoyed popularity due to the large amount of nutrients. The fruit is used in folk medicine, cooking, there is even a diet based on it.
Medicinal properties
Benefits of dried black plum is magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, fiber and vitamins. Magnesium-potassium normalize digestive and cardiovascular systems. Iron has a positive effect on the skin and fiber cleanses toxins. So the diet for prunes is gentle. However, you must choose the right dried fruits. Prunes must be the correct form, with a pleasant sweet flavor and even color. Before use, wash it thoroughly and pour over boiling water.
Diene calculated for 12 days. If used as recommended to get rid of 5.4 pounds, without any special effort. The menu is for 4 days, after which the course is repeated from the first day. Breaks do not need. The diet should not have sugar.
The four-day menu
On the first day to breakfast to eat grapefruit, boiled egg and a prune. As a beverage suitable coffee without sugar and water. Lunch is served on vegetable soup, bread and bran, 2 walnuts, 8 prunes, water, or tea. Dine orange, boiled egg, a piece of fried fish. You can drink mineral water or tea.
Breakfast the second day consists of coffee, 2 slices of dried plums and cheese. Allowed to eat for lunch soup, bran bread, 20 grams of beef, 2 almonds, water or tea. As a dinner suit salad, 4 prunes, tea and water.
The third day is permissible breakfast bran bread with a slice of ham and cheese, 3 prunes, a cup of coffee. For lunch is to eat vegetable soup, tomato, boiled potato, 2 prunes, drink unsweetened tea or water. For dinner, you can drink milk, eat five dried fruits and bread.
On the fourth day, breakfast is allowed to eat 100 grams of milk with cereal, 4 prunes, unsweetened coffee. Lunch is served at the soup, a cucumber, tomato, 2 prunes, tea without sugar. For dinner, eat bran bread with cheese, 6 prunes and 40 grams of raisins.
After the fourth day the course starts again. Therefore, you must take three courses of 4 days each.

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Basic French tips. Acrylic mixture ibd

nails-polishBefore applique basic French Wrap with clear acrylic coating, preparatory procedures according to the five steps. After that you are ready for application.

After careful preparation tips sort by size. Pick up tips to fit the natural nails. You may need a little tips of a larger size, to enhance the structure of the nail.

Apply glue five second ibd at the point of contact tips. Glue TIPS sliding motion of the free edge of the cuticle, it will eliminate air pockets. Squeeze the edges for a more reliable contact. With a special guillotine to trim the nail tip to the desired length.

Stoch sapphire nail file nail tip stiffness 180. Avoid zapilivanie smile lines, it can spoil it. On completion, remove the dust.

Apply sparingly to the natural primer plate. Do not allow the primer to the tips, nail tip may turn yellow.

Transparent acrylic coating is one ball on the basis of transparent acrylic powder Crystal Clear. Place the balls in the middle of the nail plate. Distribute the ball with the tip of the brush toward the cuticle. Next, start to smear the product forward to the free edge, using a thickening brush. Avoid contact with the cuticle. Crush the product, pressing it forward. If necessary, apply a second coat to create a set of nails and strengthen the area of ??stress.

Since the acrylic hardens, there comes a window of opportunity to create a set of artificial nail. Set of nail a line of arch groove to groove, he is responsible for the durability and strength of the nail. It can be seen when looking at the free edge of the nail from the end. Angle set artificial nail depends on a set of natural nail. With his nails to create the necessary bending arch, pressing both sides body nail.


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