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Velvet manicure

May 31, 2013
Velvet manicure

Velvet manicure

The most delicate, elegant and refined women today offer a novelty for Spring – Summer 2013 – velvet manicure. It will give your image an incredible femininity, elegance and luxury, and, of course, perfectly complement any outfit.
Velvet or corduroy manicure creates an amazing effect cashmere. Especially look good in burgundy velvet nail color, blue, purple, and even gray.
Application method velvet manicure is very simple, so you can easily do it at home. You will need a color polish, brush and flock material. It is this material gives nails an unusual velvety. It consists of tiny particles of a variety of fabrics: wool, cotton and other, differing in size, thickness, weight, materials.
So, you can create a new image.
First you need to prepare well for the application of their hands manicure: remove any old polish, cuticles treated, sawed nails. After that, the nails are two coats of varnish, which color should match the tone of the flock to be used. As soon as a second layer of varnish (very important that he has not had time to dry), you can begin to design nail flock. Gently with your fingers to fresh paint poured flock. That’s all velvet manicure ready. Will wait for an hour to see all dried up, and you can go on a visit to the party, maybe even at social events. After all, with such an exquisite polish, its owner will look great in any event.

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