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Fashion Nails Spring 2013

May 25, 2013
Fashion Nails Spring 2013

Fashion Nails Spring 2013

Let the window still sweeping blizzard and winter still does not want to back down, not far off the hour when you can take the gloves off, to make their pens and beautiful manicure at its best to meet the long-awaited spring. So what are the fashion trends this spring will be relevant? What can indulge themselves with pretty ladies?
Naturalness and simplicity – these are the main accents manicure spring of 2013. In place of the ornate square shapes with intricate patterns, and come neat oval or almond-shaped nails are a little long.
The most fashionable colors of the new season – it’s personal and varied pastel shades, from pale pink to pale blue and mint green, pale peach, purple. On fine, small, slightly curved, marigolds, these colors will look great. The owner of the nail will look very feminine, fresh and attractive.
For those girls who love to decorate their nails with beautiful designs, trendy nail polish spring 2013 offers a lot of interesting solutions. It is better if the pattern is understated and suffered only a few nails. You can draw a little flower on the tip of each nail or a big bright flower, but only on one nail. This figure is the perfect accompaniment to spring theme.
Another very interesting finding of the season – it’s a manicure 2013, «caviar». When the nails are decorated with beads, a variety of colors and sizes. From these we can create unique, amazing composition.
For lovers of acrylic, nail trend of the season will be the glass nails.
But those girls who prefer the classics, can decorate their nails popular French manicure. And the main part of the nail should be covered with natural colored nail polish, and a strip that is applied on the edge, on the contrary – a bright varnish.
In general, choosing a manicure, you should not forget about his personality. After all, to not dictate fashion, you always have to listen to themselves, to their own desires, and feelings, only then can you feel for – a truly happy.


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