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Fashion Nails 2013

May 22, 2013
Fashion Nails 2013

Fashion Nails 2013

Fashion trends apply not only to clothes and shoes, but also our nails. Fashion changes the length of the nails, their shapes, colors, patterns and textures of the coating. In the coming year, the stylists are also pleased us what’s new trendy nail art 2013.
To the leaders of the novelties of nail polishes of 2013 include: magnetic nail polish, allowing anyone to decorate your nails with simple but spectacular drawings without special artistic skills; Thermovarnish, able to change its color depending on the ambient air temperature.
But the undisputed leader of the fashion nail design 2013 became velvet manicure.
As usual, the first ladies could see the luxurious velvet on the nails of models leading design houses. But now and everybody can try novelty 2013
The very name of this type of coverage speaks for itself. It is by its texture resembles a soft, warm, red velvet. Velvet manicure is very good especially for the autumn-winter season, because he gives so necessary in a gray and chilly weather, cozy feeling of tenderness and warmth. In this case, it looks quite luxurious and elegant!
This effect is achieved due to the Floquet (special composition of cotton, wool and viscose). Nails are first coated with a layer of varnish, and then they have to be put in spetsialnyyflokayder. There’s some tiny particles of flock and are attached to the nails, forming a velvety texture coating. Then comes the final stage of drying and removing excess particles of a special brush.
Of course, this type of manicure can not be called casual, but that it will help you stand out at any party and create a unique image.
Velvet manicure – difficult enough in view of the performance of the fashion nail design. So at home it is very difficult to perform efficiently and accurately, the best solution is to go to salon for its implementation.
And to top it all it is worth adding that this kind of coverage nails rather “moody” and, of course, all the housework, which is associated with water, it is better to make the possessor in rubber gloves. But such a stunning beauty on their own marigolds, pleasing all around and attracts everyone’s enthusiastic attention is definitely worth it!

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