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Step by step guide Capacity gel on tips

May 19, 2013
Bow on gel nails

Bow on gel nails

Nail gel on tips is not much different from modeling technology on the forms. The only thing in this case, the tips act as the free edge of the nail, which lack the natural nail plate. It should be noted that the helium system capacity are recommended for owners of brittle nails are prone to delamination and brittle. The gel is more delicate than acrylic, affects the nail plate, so the masters prefer to carry out building with its clients to help with problem nails.

Tips used for modern building, made of flexible plastic and ultrafine. It is not only aesthetically pleasing look on nails, but also reduces the time required for the master washed down the nail. Various cosmetic companies produce different tips. They vary in thickness in different lines smiles zones “C”-bending and gluing lines. Such diversity is necessary for a perfect simulation at the hands of clients, including various forms of marigolds. In general, a wide range of substrates for building fully meets the demand of clients nail service.



Nail gel on tips should not cause discomfort. If the pre-treatment of the nail plate was carried out correctly, the wizard uses qualitative modeling materials, time under the lamps and their power were chosen correctly – that client should not feel a burning sensation during the drying process. Ultraviolet rays emanating from the lamps to simulate to be safe for human health. Moreover – they are destroying fungi and their spores than prevent various fungal diseases marigolds.


Step by step nail gel on tips:
Step 1. Before you start modeling wizard carefully handle the client’s hands and their antiseptic drug.
Step 2. Master gently pushes back cuticles with a spatula, and a nail file 180 grit removes the natural shine to the surface of the claw. It is necessary to improve agdezii between the natural nail plate and artificial material. It is important not to overdo it and do not take too much of a horny layer of the nail tissue, as it subsequently affect the sensitivity of the nail plate, especially during drying in the UV lamp.
Step 3. The dust remaining after the treatment of nail plate sawing, master cleans with damp sponge or a synthetic brush – synthetic rather removes smaller particles than natural materials.
Step 4. Under the master selects each nail tips, focusing on the shape of the plate and its width. Edge tips to be adhering, rasp.
Step 5. As well, tips to apply a special adhesive and the substrate is glued to the natural nail.
Step 6. The extra length of the substrate is removed by tipsoreza.
Step 7. After processing the natural nail plate nail primer but with an attached podozhkoy thin layer of gel is applied to the modeling. Each layer was dried gel in the ultraviolet lamp.

After applying the top coat you can see the end result of the simulation. You should not see the transition from the natural nail plate to Tiphsah. Correction of nails is done by overlapping saw cut without completely artificial material. Nail gel on tips completes the implementation of nail design.

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