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Tipsy or shape

May 13, 2013

Tipsy or shape
Which is better, tips or form? What is the difference between tips and forms? What your nails stronger? These and other questions are often asked by clients. Then the master of doubt: what to advise? as will be better? Therefore, the master should know in what cases is to increase the nails on tips and public – on the forms.
The right mix
Work on tips – this is knowledge of masters 15 years ago, the forms – a relatively new trend in capacity, extend the nails on tips, and forms – model. The main task of the masters in the building – not emphasize flaws natural nails as well as to hide them. So keep in mind that tips are an extension of the natural nail (no matter how he grew up – right, up or down), and working on the forms, the master can visually adjust the direction of its growth. Most artists mistakenly believe that the tips give additional strength to the artificial nails. However, tips, and forms – only for the material support and wearability is the right combination of all the requirements for the modeling of the artificial nail. In addition, full compliance with them as possible approaches to the natural nail is modeled. The result of the work on tips visually different from the work on the forms. Take for example the classic shape – square. It is a universal form, all other modeled exactly on the square.

Tipsy or shape

 Differences simulation result is clearly visible in the figure. Nail, accrued to the type-sah expands in the stress zone – as it is most exposed fractures, it further strengthens the material. At the same forms of this thickening can be clamped, so the appearance modeled nail more attractive and close to the natural one. On the way to build (tips or forms) is influenced by:

a) the material (acrylic or gel);
b) view of the natural nail;
c) the wishes of the client;
d) knowledge of the master.
The first two factors are key to select. The latter two – you can change, that is, improve the skills of the master or the right razyas thread client the reason for your choice. Aligned correctly of these factors determines the final result and justify Vaeth customer expectations.
Features nail forms
In the following master class for use ac reel, forms the natural nail – oval, almond-shaped, trapezoid tsievidnye and bitten. For each form of natural numbers is a view from above and to the side of nails.

a) express the side bolsters;
b) The nail plate grows up;
c) a fingernail, very Korotkov length. The square on the shape of a square on tips
Oval or almond shape (pronounced C bend)

Tipsy or shape

Tipsy or shape


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