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diet with prunes

April 29, 2013

diet with prunes

Prune long enjoyed popularity due to the large amount of nutrients. The fruit is used in folk medicine, cooking, there is even a diet based on it.
Medicinal properties
Benefits of dried black plum is magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, fiber and vitamins. Magnesium-potassium normalize digestive and cardiovascular systems. Iron has a positive effect on the skin and fiber cleanses toxins. So the diet for prunes is gentle. However, you must choose the right dried fruits. Prunes must be the correct form, with a pleasant sweet flavor and even color. Before use, wash it thoroughly and pour over boiling water.
Diene calculated for 12 days. If used as recommended to get rid of 5.4 pounds, without any special effort. The menu is for 4 days, after which the course is repeated from the first day. Breaks do not need. The diet should not have sugar.
The four-day menu
On the first day to breakfast to eat grapefruit, boiled egg and a prune. As a beverage suitable coffee without sugar and water. Lunch is served on vegetable soup, bread and bran, 2 walnuts, 8 prunes, water, or tea. Dine orange, boiled egg, a piece of fried fish. You can drink mineral water or tea.
Breakfast the second day consists of coffee, 2 slices of dried plums and cheese. Allowed to eat for lunch soup, bran bread, 20 grams of beef, 2 almonds, water or tea. As a dinner suit salad, 4 prunes, tea and water.
The third day is permissible breakfast bran bread with a slice of ham and cheese, 3 prunes, a cup of coffee. For lunch is to eat vegetable soup, tomato, boiled potato, 2 prunes, drink unsweetened tea or water. For dinner, you can drink milk, eat five dried fruits and bread.
On the fourth day, breakfast is allowed to eat 100 grams of milk with cereal, 4 prunes, unsweetened coffee. Lunch is served at the soup, a cucumber, tomato, 2 prunes, tea without sugar. For dinner, eat bran bread with cheese, 6 prunes and 40 grams of raisins.
After the fourth day the course starts again. Therefore, you must take three courses of 4 days each.

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