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Beautiful nails. French manicure – 2013

April 16, 2013

manicureIn vain we think that the most expressive part of the body – the face. Our hands – gestures, jewelry, skin, nail length and color – the subject of attention. And not just for palmistry. Hands, especially women, with their delicate, prone to dry skin, require constant care. Nails – special attention. Regular use of the cream for the comprehensive care of nails and cuticles make nails stronger and cuticles softer, easier manicure. However, before applying polish, do not use the cream: nail will fall unevenly and will not keep.

In the picture the classic French manicure
Giving your nails the desired shape and removing the cuticle, begin to spray paint. What is the color and pattern to choose? Win-win situation – the so-called French manicure, never loses its relevance. French manicure effect is achieved through a special process of coloring, when the emphasis is on the tips of the nails. Understated but elegant, it is suitable for any fashionable clothes.

How to make a French manicure:

1. Wash your hands with soap and water and wipe with a small amount of nail polish remover to degrease.






2. Apply a protective vitamin mineral foundation, level the surface and the color of the nail, and let it dry.





3. Glue the strips, french manicure stencils along the “smile” nail, leaving open the regrown white tip. Place the stencil with the length of the nail: the long nails should be long white tips. Over time you will learn to stick strips accurately and quickly.





4. Apply on the ends of two-way nail polish French manicure – matt white or pearl. The main thing that he did not hit the nail on the stencil. Nail French Manicure is available in a package with a comfortable thin brushes to facilitate application. Let dry white lacquer and carefully remove








Tip: your French manicure is truly perfect, if you paint over the inside of the regrown nail whitening pencil polish.

5. Now choose the color of nail french manicure. It must be light – from clear to beige. Ideal for special varnishes frantsuskogo manicure.






6. After applying the paint, do not forget to remove the excess accurate movements with cuticles and skin around the nail with a convenient means for correcting manicure pencil.






7. The final stage – a fixer varnish. Fixing apply on the dried paint. He will not give cover cracked, nails will become a great shine, and your manicure will last longer.







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