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French nails

April 8, 2013

french manicureFrench nails is undoubtedly a classic. They are short nails with the next color. White tip of the nail and the nail plate natural beige or pink. In this way we achieve the maximum naturalness. French nails look neat and well groomed. That’s why the French nails or jacket (such as a manicure called professionals), considered to be a necessary attribute in the style of a business lady. It is very comfortable, beautiful and stylish.
Classic French nails
Hands – the card of any woman. They can tell you how much we care for themselves, how neat, talk about our age and occupation, will show whether we are the fashion trends, but the fashion is not easy to keep up.
In fashion there are long nails, then the overhead of acrylic figurines, and even asked to remove any fashionista tips marigolds and give a natural appearance.
French nails – this is probably the only thing that is always relevant.
Tunic advantages are undeniable. You either have to change its color depending on the color of lipstick or clothing, as this will agree, get rid of “a headache.” To make the manicure lasted longer, it is recommended to cover with clear varnish. However, for an evening out, or make hands special help or special pictures rhinestones glued on one fingernail. There are more interesting ways to make the French nails.
The version that had French nails in the XXI Century
Great Coco Chanel gave us the jacket. But at the time he assumed the classic version, we mentioned it earlier. The yard is 21 and the French nails made by many additions. It has become very fashionable to do this design on long nails. A huge number of options for colors.

french manicure

french manicure

Instead of using the traditional color can cover the nail varnish with gloss or pearlescent paint. You can leave a large part of the nail coating is usually a natural shade. But with the tip of the nail to dream up. Do it, for example, silver. Or decorate the picture. There are even more daring options on how to make the French nails. From classics taken only basic principle of two colors. Tone paint can be close to each other, or vice versa shades contrast. For example, a combination of white and black, pink and blue flowers, etc. Well look matt lacquer with metallic, respectively plot the one for the main part, and the other at the tip. Generally room for imagination very much.
Do French nails
Many people think that a beautiful neat jacket can be done at home is not really so Drogo visit beauty salons or nail salons. But to actually make the French nails at home – really. In our time, the stores have a wide range of products for a “French manicure”. It includes a natural nail colors (some firms found sets with pearl), white nail tips of the nails, a set of stickers for the hands and toes. Now popular to use this design for the feet, it is especially suitable for the summer when we wear sandals. Also in the kit includes detailed instructions.

french manicure

Comply with the following technology. Denote the boundary by means of labels, between the plate and the tip. Apply the white tone paint. As soon as it dried up, carefully remove the sticker. In order to draw the strip does not have to use the labels, it can be done without them. In order to make a clean tip, you can buy a special pencil, filled with liquid to remove the varnish. He reminds tesktovydelitel marker, only it is not filled with ink, and a special “stripper.” If prorisovyvaya tip, you just make a mistake, you can use this pencil correct the issue.
Now cover with pink nail polish. Here again, all depends on your imagination. Someone covered entirely in pink nails, well, someone leaves the border. It all depends on how you prefer to see your manicure. If you want to be natural, then cover the whole thing. To emphasize the point, we leave the border, and the rest of the varnish. Can be inflicted after the main paint, once again walk on the tip of the nail with white paint.
If desired, add a creative delights – pictures and shine.

french manicure

french manicure

French nails quickly
To do this you will need a way to express a pencil, specially designed for the French manicure. Less of this method that your manicure will last until the first washing hands.
French manicure nails either like or do not like the categorical. In addition to the fans, the tunic, there are many adversaries. However indifferent French nails clearly not leave anyone. Look at your hands, surrounding realize that you groomed, beautiful stylish woman. Be sure to try it and do not be afraid you will succeed!

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