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British diet

March 22, 2013

English-dietEvery year the problem of excess weight is becoming more common. Indulge in delicious not everyone can, food from fast foods, high-calorie foods lead to weight gain, completeness, and even obesity. Now there are many diets in this article I want to tell you about one of the most popular – the English diet. In a relatively short period of time, you can significantly lose weight in a healthy way.

British nutritionists have noticed that with the alternation of protein-carbohydrate days can achieve remarkable changes. To understand the principle of the English diet, you need to know that when you take the carbs and take only protein foods, the body begins to burn fat for its activities. After a period of time included the so-called protective reaction, and the body fat reserves so to speak “to the worst of time” and the process hudeniya slowing. That’s where you need to go on a carbohydrate diet so that your body realized that the danger was over, and continued to burn fat. So, your weight will gradually decrease.

British diet – is the alternation of “carb days”, “protein days” and “hungry days”. So, we distribute days.
2 hungry, 2 protein, 2 fruit and vegetable. 2 on 2 protein, fruit and vegetables. The last day of the diet should be “hungry.”

View products that the reception of which is strictly prohibited in any day:
– Baked goods. They are a lot of carbohydrates, which leads to rapid weight gain;
– Pasta – everything, even the ones that are made of durum wheat;
– Sugar in any form – a strict ban. You can not even use sweeteners, carbonated water (both sweet and sweet);
– Alcohol – no, no. Complete ban – and red wine is no exception.
– Fried – you can not use any products in fried. Only raw, steam or boiled;
– Conservation – any marinades and pickles. With their use of water in the body is delayed, the load on the heart and kidneys, there may be swelling – we can not overload the body;
– Smoked;
– Potatoes in any form;
– Bananas, grapes and figs;
– Salt.

Well, after the list of prohibitions relevant to the allowed list of products (in the group fruit and vegetables – all except those who are on the list of prohibitions).
Permitted carbohydrate-containing foods:
– Vegetables – any;
– Fruit – any;
– Greens – any;
– Kasha (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal);
– Drink – milk, water, green tea, coffee (all sugar);

Allowed protein-containing foods:
– Any kind of meat, fish, poultry,
– Cheese;
– Eggs;
– Low-fat ham.

For a better understanding of the principle of the English diet you, I will give an example of the menu.
In general, there is nothing complicated – you can cook your own meals from the list of approved products, just remember – no frying.

Hungry day – a day, divided into 5-6 meals you consume 1 liter of milk, a glass of tomato juice or some fresh tomatoes, and 150 grams of whole-grained black bread.

Protein per day – more than satisfying.
For breakfast you can eat a piece of bread the same as in a hungry day, spread with a small piece of butter, less teaspoon of honey. A cup of coffee or tea.
Lunch – 200 grams of lean beef broth, 50 grams of lean cooked meat, 50 grams of green peas, tiddly piece of black bread.
For dinner sest 2 eggs, or 50 grams of lean ham (50 grams of cooked meat). 200 grams of yogurt.

Fruit and vegetables per day.
For breakfast seshte 1 orange, or 2 apples.
Lunch – vegetable broth 200 grams, 150-200 grams of vegetable stew and a small piece of bread.
For dinner – make a salad of fresh vegetables (150-200 grams), a cup of green tea.

Approximately the menu to make up. Remember, if you have a fruit day – it does not mean that you can take a huge bowl of fruit, and eats all day. Lose weight for your health!

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