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Ways to lose weight fast

December 13, 2012

Ways to lose weight fastThis is one of the most frequently asked questions by women. And most often it occurs in front of a major event. It can be a trip to rest, responsible date, wedding, meeting with old friends. We address this question to the “all-knowing” the Internet, find the “super fast effective diet.” Satisfied and happy, purchase the necessary products and grow thin. After 2-3 days, usually at night for some reason, we give up and run into the refrigerator.

Pretty kneading favorite treat tell ourselves – “Well, is not that I am too fat, and the meeting is not that important. Will power I have – next time losing weight the envy of all.” Or better yet – diet is wrong, bad people were deceived.

I would like you to recommend some proven options. But consider all the fast diet – hard, often composed of one – two dishes. Therefore it is difficult, not only psychologically, but also is a stress to the body.

Buckwheat diet.
It is not even really a diet – more discharge day. Its definitely a bonus – utility. Unlike most diets, it is not annoying, but rather facilitates the work of your body. Fasting days is recommended to do once a week, but if you need to lose weight fast, or recover after a feast – you can eat buckwheat few days.
Diet recipe is incredibly simple. Boil a glass of buckwheat (Bay 2 cups of water). The resulting rule you should eat during the day. Cook porridge preferably the night before, without oil and salt. You can drink fruit and herbal teas, water – generally up to three liters a day.

The second option – beet diet.
This method will help you lose 6.5 pounds, and to conduct a comprehensive health improvement. Prescription diet is also simple – Boil the beets, and take it in a salad or in juice form. You have a week to replace one meal with beet salad and add the carrot, and if you want a spoon of low-fat sour cream. The main highlight of the diet – drink freshly squeezed beetroot juice before each meal. Start with 1 tablespoon each time increases by one spoon. By the end of the term diet, you should have half a glass. To get rid of bad taste – you can have a snack juice a small piece of bread (rye). It is also important not to drink alcohol-containing beverages, and do not eat fat for the duration of the diet. If you have a kidney infection – Learn about the feasibility.
Beet diet can be a preventive measure held once a month or before any important events – at your discretion. It will help you lose weight, improve the complexion and overall health.

And yet, you can help the body get rid of extra fat naturally. Regularly eat grapefruit, pineapple and drink pomegranate juice. And remember – any diet will be more effective if you play sports. Sports tone up, improve your mood and accelerate the process of losing weight.
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