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How to choose a bag

November 12, 2012


How to choose a bag

Matter of choice for a woman to bag a very delicate moment. For many women, there is a choice between buying a good quality expensive bag, which will become a universal accessory, and the choice of lower-quality products on the “season.” Here the question is not only the difference in price, and in the fact that girls like new clothes, and the acquisition of expensive handbags requires a longer its application.
How to choose a good bag?
I already wrote that high-quality bag – not cheap. And the justifications for this are many – first, often expensive bag is made of high quality material (leather, suede, fur). Second – supplies. Avoid yellow accessories – even a good product it is likely oblezet. And thirdly, of course, the brand. The cost of branded handbags manufacturers often by 50-70% consists of fees for “name”. In qualitative bags you are unlikely to see an abundance of accessories – mostly purely functional parts – rings on the arms, the tabs on the runners, buckles, buttons on the pockets. The important role played by proportionality – thin handle on a travel bag or large straps on Clutch looks at least strange.
Notice the bottom of the bag – it’s a sore spot. During use, it tends to wear out. Here you have two options – either to buy skin cream, color coordinated to your purse, bag, or choose the “defense” of the bottom (it may be a small “stalk”, rivets or “spikes”). And – pay attention to seams. If the lining and leather stitched a seam – pickpockets no trouble “flick of the wrist” instantly get all the content of your accessory.
It has become almost obligatory presence of a pocket for a mobile phone and documents. It is quite convenient – no need to dig all the contents to your favorite tune your cell phone (in many movies have mocked the situation when in a hurry she can not find the phone, and throws out all the contents of the bag on the first available plane).
And yet – girl, I beg you – stop forcing men to wear your handbag! This is an extremely uncivilized and ugly. Handbag – is the subject of women’s toilets, and when it is a man – it’s very humbling and non-aesthetic. If it’s hard for you – elementary shift some content in the package – and quietly hand it man. And it’s easier and the pride of men in order.

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