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Hair mask with mustard

November 10, 2012


Hair mask with mustard

In this article I want to talk about hair. They are often the highlight of a girl in many movies picture in which the girl slowly dissolves hair thrill men. Hair care – no easy task. Besides the usual, clean hygiene (washing and drying) the hair, you also need to feed them with masks and balms to achieve beautiful healthy and smooth hair.
I want to suggest that you try to make a mask for hair with mustard. Mustard has a warming properties, increases blood circulation of the scalp, and as a consequence – increased

nutrition of hair follicles. A strengthening of follicle directly leads to the stimulation of hair growth. Hair grow thicker and stronger. The mask is applied not only to hair care, but also for the treatment of hair loss. Mustard for hair – time-tested tool that does not require much expenditure. In addition, mustard has a drying property, and it can be very useful for those who quickly zhirneyut hair. Mustard in this case absorbs fat and restores the correct operation of the sebaceous glands, so if you notice, in the masks and balms for oily hair is always mustard.
I’ll tell you a prescription mask for strengthening and growth of hair with mustard and sugar.
The first and most important – remember that to create masks for hair usually mustard, which is sold in tubes and cans in supermarkets is not suitable. You need to buy dry mustard powder – it is sold either in the department for spices, or in pharmacies.
Take 2 tablespoons of powder and diluted with 2 tablespoons hot water. Do not take hot water – it is necessary to plant mustard, hot water, so that it does not emit toxic volatile substances. In the resulting slurry after cooling add the egg yolks, 2 tablespoons olive oil (in principle fit any vegetable) and 2 teaspoons of sugar. Keep in mind that the more sugar – the stronger the oven. Therefore it is advisable to first reduce the amount of sugar and 1 tsp
You can mitigate the effects of the mask, if not planted mustard water and yogurt. If you want – you can replace sugar with honey.
After mixing all the ingredients, the mask is applied to the parted hair brush for painting. Try to get as little as possible to the hair mask – only on the scalp. Alternatively, the hair can cause any warm vegetable oil. After the application of oils and masks to enhance the effect of a head wound polyethylene, and the top covered with a towel and hat.
It is important! Do not allow masks or mustard in your eyes!
Mustard comes in many varieties. Therefore, the powder can be strong or weak. An optimal choice, you should have no appreciable heating of the head. See for yourself – if you do not bake much, that to keep a mask for 30-60 minutes, if it can not stand – wash off after 10-15 minutes. If you do not feel heat – next time, increase the dosage of sugar.

Mask is washed off with warm water and shampoo. After this process the means to strengthen the hair and hair growth, which include burdock or castor oil. Your scalp is hot, and because all the nutrients are more effective than usual.
You can do this mask one or at most two times a week (in the case of oily hair)
With regular use of this recipe, we suggest to punctuate it with nourishing oil mask, to avoid dehydration of hair and scalp.


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