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Alcohol and diet

November 7, 2012


Alcohol and diet

In this article I want to touch on a very important topic for dieters. We are not talking about a regular high doses of alcohol, no – this article is for those who want to lose weight women who are tormented by the question – to drink or not to drink alcohol at parties.
According to the latest studies of alcohol – the martini is little if not a panacea for all ills. But for losing weight, even small amounts of alcohol can negate many months of effort. Alcohol causes loss of muscle mass, your metabolism slows down and wake up “late” hunger, invariably leads to disruption of the main ban – not to eat before going to bed.

Many are mistaken, thinking that the liquid does not lead to completeness. While a can of beer in the evening is equivalent to half a loaf of bread, and harmless at first glance, a glass of wine, if you go into a daily habit – outweighs the serious workout. Even tea – that’s 30 calories per teaspoon of sugar.

Alcohol – this is the most “useless” to the body calories. Not only that they do not feed people, but rather cause hunger. For calories from fat liquor closer than to proteins and carbohydrates. In fat 9 calories per gram, and alcohol – 7 (proteins and carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram). This means that the alcoholic cocktail in a club, you can easily equate to a hearty dinner.

Drinking alcohol causes your body to store calories as they are not perceived as “fuel.” Alcohol – a toxic mixture that can be processed only by the liver, which processes drinks slowly (about one drink per hour). British scientists have proved that 100 grams of vodka slows metabolism by 71%.

You probably have noticed that after the party is very hard to drive yourself in a rut, it’s hard to begin to play sports. And if you’re allowed to drink at lunch can of beer – in the evening you will have torment, whether to go to the gym, or better to just lie on the couch with some snacks pachechku.

The male and the female half of the population can not drink the same. And it’s not based on “training”, and on a purely physiological differences. In the female body muscles less than adipose tissue, and this results in impaired fat burning. In the men’s stomach more enzymes that help the liver to process alcohol. The result of the above is a high concentration of alcohol in the blood of women, with the same amount of alcohol.


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