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intensity of training

November 5, 2012


intensity of training

In this article I want to disclose a very important subject – how to recognize the individual rates of training. It is surprising, but if you overdo it with exercise, you increase your appetite, and reduce average power consumption. And as a result – you will remain the same weight around, which was prior to the training.

Muscle work requires energy, which is primarily derived from fat or carbohydrates. Since carbohydrate is simple – they are easy to draw and process, the fat is more complicated. It is much more energy and it contains more, but it produces much more difficult. In rapid muscle contractions, what happens when you over-intense workouts, mostly carbohydrates are consumed, so the person feels hungry. With less zealous activities, the body has time to extract energy from fat, which is what you need to lose weight.

How do you determine the correct training intensity?
You must listen to your body, focus on the opportunities. Ideally, if during exercise you do not feel that my heart is about to jump out of my chest, and breathing is so dry up the throat
The most natural exercise – a fast walk. Our body is prepared for such a load, and do not perceive it as an extra-intense. At the same time, in the process of walking in motion come in almost all the muscles of the arms, legs, back, and press. For the beginning of exercise enough to pass two or three kilometers a day. Then you can go walking on the stairs, jogging, biking, bike, ski simulator. The load should be increased gradually, when you feel that the present loads are not enough.that can not speak. You should feel a surge of strength, good humor and warmth. Heart rate should be at the level of no more than 105-110 beats per minute. If after an hour you feel a surge of strength and willingness to work out more – you have correctly picked the intensity of training.

In order for your body time to recover – is engaged in a day.
The least useful playing sports. So a heavy load, the muscles get tired quickly. As a result, you become hungry, slows the breakdown of fats. Strength training is also not desirable.

And do not forget the cardinal rule – never try to outdo himself. no need to increase the power through daily stress, enjoying their achievements. In which case you’ll get only the excessive fatigue, and eventually gave up. The main thing – do not record, but on results.


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