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The most expensive manicure

October 27, 2012

Do you know the cost of the most expensive manicure in the world? Prior to the 64th Emmy Awards in 2012, hardly anyone could answer with 100% certainty that question. But now the information has been made available throughout the world – 250 thousand dollars. Amazing amount! The owner of this manicure was the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne – Kelly Osbourne. As commented stylist Kelly – such a high price asked 267 carats of black diamonds. He admitted that the decision came after selecting a purple dress from Zac Posen in the neo-Gothic style.

The most expensive manicure













The very youngest are not Osborne declined to comment: “I can see my finish nail offended some of you. I take your point, but it was the only one in my life, this kind of experiment. Please forgive me for what I do not regret it. It allowed me to feel like a queen. I was just lucky to be the only one who offered to do it. ”
Bru idea embodied American jewelry house Azature, coverage was called Black Diamond King. I want to note that Kelly did not pay for a manicure, so many have concluded that it was a real PR campaign.
Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has always attracted attention. Like many stars it often falls into the scandalous situation. When she appeared at the ceremony in a beautiful dress, with a slightly gleaming nails – no one would have noticed her manicure, probably why she hastened to inform yourself about the price of coverage. Was renowned throughout the world – the news was actively discussed, along with those who have received an Emmy statuette.
Who knows, maybe she is also in the Guinness Book of Records will get, as the owner of the most expensive manicure :)


At the same ceremony was another unexpected situation – on the model and actress, 40-year-old Sofia Vergara dress snapped at the most interesting. The fact that it has a tight fitting thigh actress too tight – and right on the red carpet out of print in the seam that paparazzi were quick to capture the whole world. Sofia, however, did not panic, contact organizers ceremony for help in correcting the defect. Later, she reacted to the situation with humor, and laid out in his microblog pictures torn dress and her juicy body, covered with a white lace thong.


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