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how long to walk with the child

October 25, 2012


how long to walk with the child

Nowadays, with newborn babies and taken very much and often walk. Even a certain stereotype of the “good and caring” Mom, this is such a mummy, which the weather a lot of time with the baby on the street. But in reality, does not necessarily hold the child on the street 6-8 hours (as recommended, and even calling the posters in children’s clinics). In this article I want to dwell a little on the walk to the child, and the optimum amount of time spent on it.
There are a large number of mothers who, for various reasons, can not spend a lot of time outdoors, but they grow up normal and perfectly healthy children. And pediatricians who see these kids do not even realize that moms do not follow the rule “many hours of walking.” At the same time, mothers do not go on forever angry mad lack of time (and in fact in addition to “walk” one also has to cook, to wash, to clean up, and in the end just to sleep), and quietly go about their business while their kids are fast asleep in their beds.
Now let’s think about it, why do children need a walk? The standard and most common answer is probably “to breathe / breathe the fresh air.” Do not argue, fresh air is good, but for the

majority of urban residents “fresh” air is quite difficult to find. Benefit if there is a park nearby, but if not then walk “between the roads” fresh air does not give. But the main reason – the development of the child. In the street he gets into open space, he needs to know, and that you want to get used to. It is also important for children to get used to the temperature changes, they will not experience at home. Get used to the movement of air, the sounds of the world (at home and only heard “Hush, baby sleeps,” and yet you can not always provide the child with the silence around, and could be in trouble falling asleep). To solve all these problems is important to regularly and gradually.
Go out with the newborn to adapt after a few days at home, he is used to a large space of the room (after all, our crumbs she seems just great.) Therefore, walking in the street usually start with 10-15 minutes, and the child or in the envelope, or in a wheelchair, and his review of closed area or a diaper. You can gradually increase the time to an hour, no longer need to 2-3 months. You yourself will see that gradually, out of sight “to nowhere”, look the kid will run around the room, looking with interest wallpaper, chandeliers, and all the objects that fall in its review. When you see this interest – you can safely lifts the outside diaper baby to see the world.
Young mothers are often asked when the baby wear for a walk? After all, while eating baby falls asleep, and when his mother begins to wear – wakes up and cries, and sometimes fall asleep after that can not. In fact, if your baby is awake during the dressing – it’s a good thing, because it will be able to consider the world around him. If you think that your child need to sleep – after changing attach it to his chest for a few minutes – and he fell asleep again.

In cold weather, long walks should be no more than 1.5-2.5 hours. However, if the thermometer is lower than minus 10 – to refrain from walking warming. You can also organize your child healthy sleep in the frosty air right at the balcony.
Dear Momma! Do not teach your child to sleep alone in the street. Pediatricians often faced with the problem that children refuse to sleep with the windows closed (lack of fresh air), and the poor moms have long nights of rocking chairs in the open windows. Try to make a baby on the street as soon as possible to have it on the street had to study the world around us.
I would like to summarize all of the above. In windy and rainy weather – better stay home. Child enough to spend 1 hour a day in the fresh air, the more-is possible, based on the willingness and ability to mother.


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