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Alcohol and weight

October 22, 2012


Alcohol and weight

Myths and Truths about alcohol.

Myth number 1: Red wine is good for health.
According to research, red wine contains antioxidants, but they also contain and grapes. That is, the benefits it no more than a glass of grape juice. And if the daily dose exceeds 100 grams – about the benefits you can completely forget.

Myth number 2: Drinking helps sleep
Alcohol violates natural sleep phase, and as a consequence leads to weight gain. In the normal state of deep sleep phase occurs after reaching the minimum level of stress hormones. A liquor just provokes the production of this hormone, and as a result people like and sleeping, but a good rest and a phase of deep sleep and it does not.

Myth number 3: 50 grams a day of nothing.
That is absolutely ridiculous. Even a few sips violate human self, hunger becomes stronger saturation – more difficult. And if we take into account that 1 gram of pure alcohol contains 7 calories, and in the process of learning is processed only 3 calories – you get 4 kcal “margin” on each gram. And these extra programs not hesitate deposited as fat in your body.

Myth number 4: 20 grams of cognac in the morning strengthens the heart and good for the liver.
This is, perhaps, the only myth that is under a medical justification. This scheme does work in the case of regular use is set dose, not more. Before taking consult your doctor – can be customized contraindications. I know a grandmother who drank 20 grams of brandy every morning and lived to 87 years old – brisk, nimble, and heart – not every girl in this boast!

So how do you to drink, not to gain weight?

After the holidays (the “evil” – is May Day – alcohol  + cold kebabs in tandem give incredible “arrival” of calories) weight lifting record balance of many women. And half the extra pounds can safely take alcohol – who not only contributes to weight gain, but also causes appetite and dampens sense of “I’m losing weight.” So.
Drink slowly. If in one hour at the banquet table you “stretch out” one glass of dry wine – calories it will not add. And it never hit.
Preferably during the gala dinner do not eat more than 50 grams of alcohol (it is about 300-370 ml of dry wine, 120 ml of vodka or cognac, 1000 ml of beer).
If you dilute the wine with water, whiskey or gin tonic or cola – the effect will be better. Also need to be able to have a snack. It is best suited for this savory meat and no soda – they slow down the penetration of alcohol in the blood. But soda, fruit and chocolate contrary accelerate this process.
Ladies! It is not necessary at all to deny the pleasure of a glass of wine for the holiday – the main drink properly and do not lose self-control.

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