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Nail design at home

October 14, 2012

Nail design at homeHello! In this article I want to describe to you a very unique, beautiful and above all a simple way to make a unique manicure. And no doubt it is an advantage that every fashionista will be able to easily create their own his home. And the end result you can see on the photo. I would like to clarify that this is a beautifully manicured look as short as in the long nails. The form also does not matter.
Nail design at homeTo create it you need those ingredients are:
1) Nail polish. Here it all depends on your preference, it may be a pastel color paint and acid, the main thing – that it was dull, without pearl and sequins.
2) A glass of vodka (Not to be taken internally, except for inspiration :) )
3) Pieces of newspaper clippings (if you have a foreign newspaper, it’s even better, cut better to choose with the fine print.)
4) colorless varnish (or any fixer).
Actually, let’s start creating our nail art at home.

Nail design at homeTo start with, if necessary, do yourself a manicure (this article is available on our website, so I will not go into this).

After that, cover the nail varnish chosen in two layers. Allow the varnish to dry thoroughly – this is important. When completely dry dip your finger in a glass of alcohol for a few seconds. Then quickly take out the pin and put to him a piece of newspaper clippings, and a well-presses for 25-30 seconds. After this time, slowly and carefully remove the paper, waiting for the moment to paint dry.
The same procedure is repeated on the other fingers (if you wish, you can not make such a manicure on all fingers, and selectively, such as through one).
More careful not to smear the image cover the nails with varnish or fixative.
Give your nails to dry thoroughly, and voila! The original design in the home is ready!
I would like to clarify that every fashionista can independently create beauty on the nails, the main thing – the desire and a little perseverance. If you have no time to create a manicure – you mdealno suitable lacquer effect craquelure, or nail stamping.

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